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90° Diverter

Description and working principle (Basic Model)
- The board loaded is intercepted by a sensor that detects the board presence. When the board, regardless of its sizes, is centred on the unit belts, the sensor makes the roller stop.
- When the board has been centred the belts lift and rotate in the direction of the delivery end, thus unloading it. A new cycle is possible only if the board is no longer in the detection area of the sensor placed at the delivery end of the diverter



Technical data

- Min. panel size : 250x250 mm.
- Max. panel size : 650x650 mm.
- Power supply : 400V 50/60 Hz.
- Installed power : 0,5 kW.
- Roller speed : 12 m./min. (adjustable) - Belt speed : from 1,5 to 12 m./min. (fixed speed is possible, as well)
- Air pressure: 6 bar
- Air consumption: 12 lt./min.

Loading and Unloading

For safety reasons, the upper part of the diverter is protected by a lexan transparent cover. Therefore PCB loading and unloading with this unit are possible only if the boards are laid horizontally, as shown on picture 1, and not vertically, as shown on picture 2.

Pic. 1

 Pic. 2



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